• Games and Practice News

    Junior F/S Sunday April 25

    11:00 AM AH1 Endeavor Odyssey
    11:00 AM AH2 Cowboys Highlanders
    12:00 PM AH1 Wave Tulips
    12:00 PM AH2 Cardinals Rangers
    1:00 PM AH1 Doves Gemini
    1:00 PM AH2 Seahawks Falcons
    2:00 PM AH1 Helix Enterprise
    2:00 PM AH2 Stallions Ravens
    3:00 PM AH1 Apollo Freedom
    3:00 PM AH2 Red Bulls Chaos

    Games April 25 Senior FutureStars

    11:00 AM DW 1 Sharks Chargers
    11:00 AM DW 2 Metrostars Force
    12:00 PM
    DW 1 Quake Lightning
    12:00 PM DW 2 Flames Revolution
    1:00 PM DW 1 Turbo Crew
    1:00 PM DW 2 Mustangs Thunder
    2:00 PM DW 1 Burn Rapids
    2:00 PM DW 2 Supremes Magic
    3:00 PM DW 1 Royals Blaze
    3:00 PM DW 2 Eclipse Quest
    4:00 PM DW 1 Fire Dynamo
    4:00 PM DW 2 Thorns Piranhas

    Boys’ Games in bold

    “Team Dynamo” Pre-K Intro to Soccer

    THIS DIVISION IS NOW FULL.  Register (at no fee) onto the Waiting List.   Team Dynamo is a Pre-K recreational program that introduces the game of soccer to children ages 3 and 4, born from 7/1/16 to 7/1/18. The 6 one-hour sessions include age-appropriate exercises and fun activities created and facilitated by professional trainers.      Cost: $100 (sibling discount not in effect). Register at www.eastchester.sportssignup.com Greenvale School in groups of 40 starting at 9 a.m.

    Recreation League–Information

    Players MUST be residents of Bronxville, Eastchester, Tuckahoe.  Lower age limit: those turning 5 by the Spring season, ending June 2021. i.e., born before December 1, 2015.  Registration will be at www.eastchester.sportssignup.com Sibling discount is $20 annual basis.   Volunteers are always needed, for coaching and other activities.

    Together, age groups K and L comprise the Junior FutureStars Division and play at Anne Hutchinson School.  Age designation K ( 5-year old group, basically Kindergarten) teams attend a clinic on Saturday afternoons for 50 minutes.  The time slot is the same each week.   Note that for the K group, boys and girls will be on co-ed teams.  Commissioner: Visar Peci visarpeci@gmail.com   Age designation L (6-year old group, 1st grade) practices on Saturday mornings and plays games on Sunday afternoons. The time slot for the practices will be at the same time: game times Sunday will vary.     Commissioner:  jim.krasniqi@gmail.com  

    The Senior FutureStars seven and eight year old (combined M and N) group practice Saturday afternoons and play Sunday afternoons at Dunwoodie Field. Boys’ Commissioner: mschill72@gmail.com     Girls’ Commissioner: alexmayer@gmail.com   Older players are in the Upper Division; contacts are under Volunteers

    Parents new to the League are asked to read: https://eysoccer.com/rec-program-info/

  • Club News

    Laws of the Game-Modified

    Laws of the Game for Junior and Senior FutureStars The objective is to codify the modifications to the Laws of the Game (LOTG). The modifications relate to the age (and corresponding skill level) of the players.  √ indicates no change from basic LOTG as set forth by the US Soccer...

    Rec League Registration–Spring 2021

    [Click on the banner to view entire message]  EXCEPT FOR 7, 8, 9TH GRADERS, ALL DIVISIONS ARE FULL OR CLOSE TO CAPACITY AND THEREFORE ONE MUST REGISTER ONTO THE WAITING LIST (at no charge). Registration at www.eastchester.sportssignup.com. Normally, we  register players in the Spring for the upcoming “soccer year,” encompassing...

    EYSA Covid Safety Precautions

    Click on banner to see entire list of precautions…Players are required to wear face masks including when they are playing!  All players and spectators are required to use face coverings including to/from car and in common areas.  Coaches/Trainers/Volunteers must use face coverings at all times.  If you do not have...

    Pandemic Self-Evaluation Form

    A Parent/Guardian of every EYSA player must complete and sign this Self‐Assessment and Certification and provide the signed document to Coach/Manager before each practice and game. No child will be permitted to participate unless this certification is completed, signed and provided to the Coach/Manager. If you answer yes to any...

    Refund Policy

    TRAVEL TEAMS: EYSA Refund Policy If a registered players withdraws in writing to EYSA any time prior to the first scheduled game of the applicable registration period, you will be responsible for 25% of the total registration fee (with any excess refunded). Any time following the first scheduled game of the applicable registration...

    Jewelry Not Permitted

    Rule is simple: No jewelry—includes earrings—at any time: NEVER under any circumstances. Tape over earrings similarly does not permit wearing of earrings.  Metal puncture in the vicinity of the ear could result in damage to the carotid artery. Responsibility is that of the coach, the refs and the league—we will...

    EYSA Soccer League

    Registration website for all programs:  www.eastchester.sportssignup.com     Address: P.O. Box 242         Eastchester NY 10709-9998         Registrar: Denise Addorisio:  dja109@aol.com   Tax status: 501 (c) (3). EIN number: 13-2920265 as Eastchester Soccer Club, Inc.    General Meetings:   to which all parents and friends are invited, are normally held the first Tuesday...

    Referee Class April 29

    Last ref class of the season.  Minimum age is 14. Online requirement + zoom class on April 29. Good money to be made for reffing in Eastchester rec and for the Westchester League.  Contact: eysajerry@gmail.com for information.