• Games and Practice News

    Junior-6 Games

    11:00 AM vikings v. doves
    11:00 AM chaos v. whalers
    12:00 PM rangers v. colts
    12:00 PM comets v. freedom
    1:00 PM red bulls v. ravens
    1:00 PM cosmos v. stallions
    2:00 PM gemini v. snowbells
    2:00 PM spurs v. highlanders

    Senior FutureStars June 4

    11:00 AM Force v. Mustangs
    12:00 PM Lightning v. Rapids
    1:00 PM Metrostars v. Crew
    2:00 PM Celtic v. Rams
    3:00 PM Chargers v. Burn
    4:00 PM Quake v. Thunder

    Upper Division Games June 3-4

    4:00 PM THS Elite Power
    11:00 AM THS Rockets Diamonds
    12:10 PM THS Hawks Invaders
    2:00 PM THS Mayhem Sonic
    5:00 PM THS Blast  RoadRunners
    6:15 PM THS Liberty Power
    3:00 PM HDL Cheetahs Infinity
    4:10 PM HDL Raptors Raiders
    5:15 PM HDL Sounders Rampage
    6:30 PM HDL Breakers Extreme
    5:00 PM EHS Stingers Flash
    6:10 PM EHS Arrows Knights

    Summer Soccer Camp in Eastchester

    Summer camp will be held the weeks of August 7–11 and August 14-18, each morning 8 AM to noon at Haindl Field, for players born in 2016 or earlier. You may register your player for either or both weeks. The fee is $225 per week or $400 for both weeks.

    We are also offering our popular special training and conditioning for those older players (born 2010 and earlier) who intend to go out for the soccer teams of their respective high schools.  It will also be at Haindl Field at the same times.  This is for the first week only, beginning August 7; the fee is $225.

    For the regular camp, register for Summer Camp 2023 at:  https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/372354

    For the high school camp, register for High School Summer Training at:  https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/373169 

    For camp information: gina@eysa.co

    Recreation League Structure

    Please also see Program Information in the Recreation Program tab within. The two “Junior” divisions practice and play at the Anne Hutchinson School.  Age designation Juniors-K, nominally 5-year olds, attend a clinic on Saturday afternoons for 50 minutes.  The time slot is the same each week. Boys and girls will be together on co-ed teams only at this age level.  To reach the commissioners: kdiv@eysa.co .   Age designation Juniors-6, nominally 1st graders, practice on Saturday mornings and plays games on Sunday afternoons. The time slot for the practices will be at the same time: game times Sunday will vary. Commissioners: Ldiv@eysa.co  .    The Senior FutureStars, seven and eight year olds combined, practice Saturday afternoons and play Sunday afternoons at Pisacreta Field at Dunwoodie Park.  Commissioners:  sdiv@eysa.co .  Older players are in the Upper Division-Silver and Upper Division-Gold, Commissioners: eysacommissioners@gmail.com  Parents new to the League are encouraged to read  https://eysoccer.com/rec-program-info/.

  • Club News

    Rec League Restructure Announced

    EYSA has announced a reconfiguration of the Recreation League’s Upper Division for the upcoming 2023-2024 soccer seasons.  These changes were made based on the number of participants, including those carried on the wait list.  Girls Gold had to be dropped because of insufficient numbers, a problem the league had faced for the last three to four years. Unfortunately, this affects young ladies born 2010 and 2011. 

    On the Boys’ side, the extraordinary popular Silver Division will now be composed of 4th and 5th graders, with 6th graders now becoming part of the Gold Division.  The Gold boys will be composed of 6th,  7th and 8th graders. 9th graders, of which there were none this current season, were dropped in order to maintain a maximum three-year player age spread.

    The chart shows the configuration.  (numbers refer to grade)

    BOYS   GIRLS  
    SILVER       SILVER  
    Last Year 2023-4     Last Year 2023-4
    4,5,6 4,5     4,5,6 4, 5, 6
    O, P, Q 2013, 2014     O, P, Q 2012, 2013, 2014
    GOLD       GOLD  
    7,8,9 6, 7, 8     7,8,9 No Division
    R, S, T 2010, 2011, 2012     R, S, T  


    NYCFC Welcomes EYSA into its Sponsorship Program

    Eastchester Youth Soccer has been selected as an NYCFC Youth Soccer Partner.  See https://www.nycfc.com/youth/youth-partners. We look forward to working with our local MLS team to partake of ways to reward volunteers, fund-raise and educate players & coaches.


    Eastchester Youth Soccer is committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all our players, so they can participate in soccer in a fun, competitive, and healthy atmosphere.    Bullying of any kind is unacceptable at EYSA. If bullying does occur, all club members and parents/guardians should be able to tell EYSA about this and know that incidents will be dealt with promptly and effectively. 

    Zero Tolerance Policy

    To prevent physical assault and verbal abuse in the leagues and clubs within the Westchester Youth Soccer League and its component organizations (EYSA included) have adopted a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY.  This policy applies to all coaches, players, parents, spectators and other supporters and referees.


    Our Special Sponsors

    [click on red banner to view entire posting]   To the right, one can see a banner for each of our sponsors flashing on the screen and  one can click on it to get to their website.  The sponsor’s name or logo is also printed on a set of team uniforms.

    Please support our sponsors’ businesses as we rely on their  generosity to defray operating expenses such as uniforms, balls, goals, field rentals, referees and awards as well as to provide scholarship registration for those players who are less financially fortunate.     For sponsorship information: Gina@eysa.co 

    Pisacreta Field Named After EYSA Founder

    Carmine Pisacreta, the founder of Eastchester Soccer has been honored by naming the soccer field complex in his honor.  Pisacreta Field is part of Dunwoodie Park in Eastchester’s north end. View the ceremony at:


    Laws of the Game-Modified

    Laws of the Game for Junior and Senior FutureStars [click on above red banner for full posting]

    The objective is to codify the modifications to the Laws of the Game (LOTG). The modifications relate to the age (and corresponding skill level) of the players.  √ indicates no change from basic LOTG as set forth by the US Soccer Federation.  * indicates a difference between the Juniors and the Seniors.

    Law 1 FIELD As marked; no build-out (B-O) line drawn.  Opponents to retreat behind the halfway line for goal kicks and goalkeeper clearance, but can move toward the ball after it is touched without waiting until it clears the goal area nor the penalty area. No GK punting.

    *Law 2 BALL #3 for JUNIORS; #4 for SENIORS

    *Law 3 PLAYERS  Play is 7 v. 7 with a goalkeeper for JUNIORS, 8 v. 8 for Seniors.   Teams should try to play even, if one team is short players by removing one or allowing a player to move to the opponent.

    Law 4 PLAYER EQUIPMENT  No Jewelry whatsoever. Socks must be worn over shinguards.

    Law 5 REFEREE  √


    Law 7 DURATION  Four (4) ten minute quarters.  One minute between Q1 – Q2 and Q3 – Q4.  A three (3) minute break at halftime. 

    *Law 8 START AND RESTART  JUNIORS: No Coin Toss; whichever team is first lined up ready to play kicks off.  Teams alternate KO at start of each subsequent quarter. Don’t change directions at halftime.  SENIORS: Winner decides which goal to attack in Q1 or to Kick off. Teams alternate kick-off at start of each subsequent quarter.  Change directions at Halftime only


    Law 10 OUTCOME  √

    *Law 11 OFFSIDE  JUNIORS: No Offside But do not allow an attacker to dwell next to the keeper nor deep in the offensive zone.  SENIORS: Offside is NOT in effect for the first three weeks of the Fall only.

    Law 12 FOULS & MISCONDUCT  Heading is not allowed; restart is an indirect free kick.

    Law 13 FREE KICKS  All free kicks for fouls are INDIRECT.    A goal cannot be scored without an intervening touch by any player. Opponents must be at least 6 yards from the free kick.

    Law 14 PK  There are No Penalty Kicks.  For a foul in the Penalty Area the ball is moved outside the area, perpendicular to the goal line, and an INDIRECT free Kick is awarded. A wall may be se by the defense.

    *Law 15 THROW-IN  JUNIORS: Allow “do-overs” for throw-ins. Instruct them How To if necessary. SENIORS: For first three (3) weeks of the Fall season, allow “do-overs” for throw-ins.

    Law 16 GOAL KICK  Taken from the Goal Kick Spot (Blue–if shown on field).  Opponents must retreat to halfway line. Only after the kick is taken (ball is moved; does not need to leave the goal area nor penalty area) may opponents move in.

    Law 17 CORNER KICK  √

    Refund Policy

    TRAVEL TEAMS:  If a registered players withdraws in writing to EYSA any time prior to the first scheduled game of the applicable registration period, you will be responsible for 25% of the total registration fee (with any excess refunded). Any time following the first scheduled game of the applicable registration you will not be entitled to any refund or credit under any circumstances. If a registered travel player intends to transfer to another club during the season (August 1 to June 30), an additional fee of $250 will be charged prior to approval of transfer.  There are no refunds or credits offered for any clinic, camp or supplemental session.

    REC LEAGUE:  Full refund before the Tuesday following the first weekend of the season (September 11th for Fall or before April 9th for new spring only players). Any time following those dates you will not be entitled to any refund or credit under any circumstances. There are no refunds or credits offered for any clinics, camps or supplemental sessions.

    Jewelry Not Permitted

    Rule is simple: No jewelry—includes earrings—at any time: NEVER under any circumstances. Tape over earrings similarly does not permit wearing of earrings.  Metal puncture in the vicinity of the ear could result in damage to the carotid artery.
    Responsibility is that of the coach, the refs and the league—we will not take chances !!

    Only exception is a medical bracelet, taped on the wrist with medical condition showing.

    EYSA Soccer League

    MEETING NOTICE: Tuesday June 6 (Elections)  at the Haindl Field Clubhouse.  General Meetings:   to which all parents and friends are invited, are held the first Tuesday of each month  7:30  pm: Tuesday July 11, August 1, September 5, October 3, November 7, December 5.

    Registration website for all programs:  https://go.teamsnap.com/login/signin      Address: P.O. Box 242         Eastchester NY 10709-9998         Registrar: Denise Addorisio:  dja109@aol.com   Tax status: 501 (c) (3). EIN number: 13-2920265 as Eastchester Soccer Club, Inc.   General information contact: eysajerry@gmail.com


    Referee Certification Classes

    Good money to be made for reffing in Eastchester rec and for the Westchester League.  These are United States Soccer Federation accredited classes. Minimum age is 14. Information: www.wsroref.com. Contact: refwestchester@gmail.com.