• Games and Practice News

    Junior F/S Games Sunday May 22

    11AM AH1 Stallions Highlanders
    11AM AH2 Comets Wave
    Noon AH1 Chaos Spurs
    Noon AH2 Redbulls Ravens
    1PM AH2 Cosmos Colts
    1PM AH1 Whitecaps Rangers
    2PM AH2 Doves Gemini
    2PM AH1 Stars Snowbells
    3PM AH1 Vikings Freedom
    3PM AH2 Falcons Scrimmage

    Travel Tryout Schedule

    2015 Saturday 5/14 & 5/21 Anne Hutch 4:00
    2014 Friday 5/13 & 5/20 Pisacreta Field 4:30
    2013 Friday 5/13 & 5/20 Pisacreta Field 5:30
    2012 Friday 5/13 & 5/20 Pisacreta Field 7:00
    2015 Saturday 5/14 & 5/21 Anne Hutch 4:00
    2014 Friday 5/13 & 5/20 Tuckahoe HS 6:15
    2013 Friday 5/13 & 5/20 Tuckahoe HS 6:15
    2012 Saturday 5/14 & 5/21 Parkway Oval 4:30

    Prospective players born 2009.2010/2011 will be invited via email to travel practices where evaluations will take place.  Register at: www.eastchester.sportssignup.com    All current and prospective players must be registered in advance (no walks-ons please). Prospective players MUST attend at least one session, but should plan to attend BOTH sessions for their age and gender.  Players must be residents of Eastchester, Tuckahoe or Bronxville.  Pisacreta Field is at the Dunwoodie Park complex.


    Extra Training Thursdays for Upper Division

    Supplemental skills training every Thursday (starting April 21) for Recreation League Upper Division players with the Red Bulls trainers at the Anne Hutchinson School field.  There is no charge and no registration. Show up as follows: Silver Conference (4th, 5th, 6th graders) from 5 to 6 PM.  Gold Conference (7th graders and older) from 6:15 to 7:15 PM.

    Recreation League Registration & Information

    REGISTRATION for the Fall 2022/Spring 2023 edition of the Eastchester Youth Soccer Recreation League. Register at www.eastchester.sportssignup.com  ALL players must be residents of Bronxville, Eastchester, or Tuckahoe.  Eligibilty: kindergarten (turning 5 by 11/30/2022) up through age 14 (9th grade). The charge is $275 per child with a $20 sibling discount.  Volunteers are always needed, for coaching and other activities.  All who wish to become coaches or assistants need to register themselves, at no charge.

    REC LEAGUE STRUCTURE: Together, age groups K and L play at Anne Hutchinson School.  Age designation K (5-year old group of the Junior FutureStars) teams attend a clinic on Saturday afternoons for 50 minutes.  The time slot is the same each week.   Boys and girls will be together on co-ed teams.  To reach the commissioners: kdiv@eysa.co .   Age designation L (6-year old group of the Junior FutureStars, 1st grade) practices on Saturday mornings and plays games on Sunday afternoons. The time slot for the practices will be at the same time: game times Sunday will vary. Commissioners: Ldiv@eysa.co  .    The Senior FutureStars (seven and eight year old combined M and N) practice Saturday afternoons and play Sunday afternoons at Pisacreta Field at Dunwoodie Park.  Commissioners:  sdiv@eysa.co .  Older players are in the Upper Division, Commissioners: eysacommissioners@gmail.com  Parents new to the League are encouraged to read  https://eysoccer.com/rec-program-info/  .  Younger children can register for the Pre-K program.    

  • Club News

    EYSA Summer Concert Sponsor

    EYSA is pleased to be the sponsor of the August 3 Concert in the Eastchester Summer Concert Series. ‘Epic Soul’ will play the great classic soul hits and a collection of current R&B and pop hits. At the Lake Isle driving range, 8 p.m. start.

    Be a Special Sponsor

    [click on red banner to view entire posting]   Be a local sponsor.  There are two levels of sponsorship, “World Cup” at $250 and “All-Star” at $200. For each, your name or logo is printed on a full set of team uniforms, and you will have a table at the EYSA...

    Summer Soccer Camp Registration

    EYSA summer camp for players born 2008 through 2016 will be held the weeks of August 8 and 15, weekday mornings 8 to noon at Haindl Field.  Registration is at www.eastchester.sportssignup.com Fee is $225 per one week (either week) or $400 for both weeks. Sibling discount $20 applies. Registration does...

    Upcoming Events–details to follow

    Former EHS Players Alumni Game May 22 EHS Field 9 a.m…… Annual General Meeting & Elections June 7…. All-Star Saturday  June 11….. EYSA Day at Red Bulls Stadium–planned for September….. World Cup Party: December 18 10 AM; locations tba

    Tournament Champions–EYSA Lions

    U11 Lions win the Shrub Oak Icebreaker Tournament March 20. They went 3 and 0, giving up no goals. See first picture in the gallery to the right.

    Pisacreta Field Named After EYSA Founder

    Carmine Pisacreta, the founder of Eastchester Soccer has been honored by naming the soccer field complex in his honor.  Pisacreta Field is part of Dunwoodie Park in Eastchester’s north end. View the ceremony at:  

    Laws of the Game-Modified

    Laws of the Game for Junior and Senior FutureStars The objective is to codify the modifications to the Laws of the Game (LOTG). The modifications relate to the age (and corresponding skill level) of the players.  √ indicates no change from basic LOTG as set forth by the US Soccer...

    Refund Policy

    TRAVEL TEAMS:  If a registered players withdraws in writing to EYSA any time prior to the first scheduled game of the applicable registration period, you will be responsible for 25% of the total registration fee (with any excess refunded). Any time following the first scheduled game of the applicable registration you...

    Jewelry Not Permitted

    Rule is simple: No jewelry—includes earrings—at any time: NEVER under any circumstances. Tape over earrings similarly does not permit wearing of earrings.  Metal puncture in the vicinity of the ear could result in damage to the carotid artery. Responsibility is that of the coach, the refs and the league—we will...

    EYSA Soccer League

    Registration website for all programs:  www.eastchester.sportssignup.com     Address: P.O. Box 242         Eastchester NY 10709-9998         Registrar: Denise Addorisio:  dja109@aol.com   Tax status: 501 (c) (3). EIN number: 13-2920265 as Eastchester Soccer Club, Inc.    General Meetings:   to which all parents and friends are invited, are held the first Tuesday of...

    Referee Certification Classes

    Good money to be made for reffing in Eastchester rec and for the Westchester League.  These are United States Soccer Federation accredited classes. Minimum age is 14. Information: www.wsroref.com. Contact: refwestchester@gmail.com.