Welcome to the Eastchester Youth Soccer Association (EYSA) travel program. Below is important information concerning the EYSA travel program.

Is my child ready for the Travel Program?

If your child enjoys playing soccer and your objective is to give him or her more training, he or she is ready to try out. This program is about developing players’ soccer skills.


With respect to those just starting the travel soccer experience in our youngest age group (age group U8), our goal is to build balanced teams based upon the evaluations that are conducted each Spring. As the children progress in age groups (starting with age group U9), we begin to organize teams based upon skills/capabilities and commitment using the spring evaluations and feedback from the coaches and trainers. This enables us to place teams in the appropriate competitive divisions so that each player is challenged and continues to develop. We appreciate that the evaluation process is not perfect and that children develop at different rates. Therefore, teams and player placement may change from year-to-year.


EYSA deploys certified (paid) coaches, whereas in the recreation league, coaches are generally parents. Our aim is to rotate coaches so that a coach does not remain with the same team for more than two years. While we appreciate that players build a bond with their coach, we believe that it is important for player development to experience different coaching styles and tactics. Just as you would not want your child to have the same schoolteacher every year – – the same applies for coaches.


Our travel program is a member of the Westchester Youth Soccer League (WYSL). The WYSL Fall Season games start the weekend following Labor Day and run through the weekend prior to Thanksgiving. The Spring program normally commences the first weekend of April and ends around Fathers’ Day or prior to the end of the public school semester. WYSL does not have a winter soccer season, but EYSA travel teams are expected to participate in a winter league or series of winter tournaments of their choice..


You are responsible for purchasing a travel uniform for your child. Team manager will send you details including a link to purchase the necessary uniform.


Fall/Spring Seasons
Games are generally held on Sundays
Team practices will be twice a week. Team managers/coaches may also coordinate additional practices from time to time (which could require an additional cost)
In addition to the regularly scheduled WYSL games, it is expected that each travel team participate in at least one tournament per season (e.g., Labor Day, Columbus Day, State Cup). This is a great opportunity for players to play against different teams and broaden their experience and level of competition. Team mangers are responsible for registering for tournaments. These tournaments take place on weekends. (Tournaments may require additional cost)

Winter Season
Team managers have the flexibility to choose leagues/tournaments that best fit the scheduling needs of its team. In addition, EYSA offers academy practices once a week in an indoor facility throughout the winter. While the winter season is certainly less intense, it is NOT optional. Winter Session runs from early through the end of March.

Playing Time
Unlike our recreational soccer program (where we aim to have equal playing time for all players), our travel program is a competitive program and we do not guarantee equal play time for all players. Our professional coaches make all game playing time determinations, which is based upon player attendance, dedication, attitude and skill. EYSA believes in a long-term strategy of player development. While there is no guarantee of equal game playing time, all players receive meaningful game playing time throughout the season. More importantly, all players participate in over 3 hours of practice each week during the regular fall/spring seasons – – which is geared toward improvement of individual skills as well as team strategy.


The Travel Registration Fee is approximately $1,300 per child. NOTE: Additional costs may apply. Uniforms are an additional cost and purchased directly by the player family. In addition, tournaments and extra ream practices are an additional cost and managed via a team budget created by the team manager.

While we appreciate that children play multiple sports, we expect families to keep conflicts to a minimum. Our team rosters are relatively moderate in size in an effort to maximize playing time for all players. Repeated absences can negatively impact the entire team. If an occasional conflict occurs, please notify your team manager well in advance (at least one week in advance) so that appropriate roster adjustments can be made.

Contact Information

Please contact the Travel Commissioners with any questions

Contact information is to be found at: https://eysoccer.com/volunteers/

In addition, you may contact our officers with any questions or concerns.