Coaches are volunteers and are the backbone of the program. Coaches do not need any soccer experience. They are selected by the Commissioners after indicating a desire to coach. All who volunteer for Assistant Coach are assigned as well; anyone who steps forward to help in any way is graciously welcomed.  Although coaches do a great job of contacting the parents, it is the parents’ responsibility to make sure they are aware of practice times, locations, postponements, etc.


Eastchester’s Recreation League, plays in both the spring and fall seasons. Registration for the upcoming Fall season begins mid-June. There are (separate) girls’ teams and boys’ teams in each of the age groupings, from six (first-graders) to thirteen years old. The five-year old (kindergarten age) is co-ed. Registration is on an annual basis. Upon signing up for the fall season, you are automatically registered for the spring season. For the Spring, players continue on the same teams.You can sign up for spring only providing there is room on exiting teams; this registration begins early January.

During August, the Commissioners, who head each division, will determine the number of teams, compose the teams, select and notify the coaches and develop game and practice schedules. Team placement strives to balance the teams in terms of (perceived) talent of the players.

The Junior K group teams (nominally 5-year olds attending Kindergarten) attend a clinic, practice and play on Saturdays, usually in an hour time slot. The time slot, which is the same each week is determined by the head of the division.

The Junior-6 group (6-year olds/1st graders) practices on Saturday mornings and plays games on Sunday afternoons. The time slot for the practices will be at the same time and the games on Sunday will change each week. Starting at this age, the teams are by gender.

These two groups are referred to as the Junior FutureStars.  Activities are at the Anne Hutchinson School field.

The Senior FutureStars, where both 7 and 8-year olds (2nd & 3rd graders) play on the same team, practice Saturday afternoons, the time to be determine by the Commissioner and will be the same week to week. The games are played on Sundays and will be at different times each week. This group plays at Pisacreta Field at Dunwoodie Park.

The Upper Division for boys is composed of two groupings:
The Silver Conference is for 4th & 5th graders while 6th, 7th and 8th graders compose the Gold Conference.

The girls side is different. Their Upper Division has but a Silver Conference, composed of 4th, 5th & 6th as we are not able to support a Gold Conference of older girls due to low numbers resulting from girls moving to travel teams and school teams.

Because we strive to balance the teams so that the games are competitive, the league might hold player evaluations in selected divisions.


The Fall season starts the first Saturday following Labor Day and continues for the next 11 weeks as there aren’t any practices/games on Columbus Day weekend. The Spring season commences in early April and depends upon the religious holidays. It normally ends on Fathers’ Day. There will be no games on Easter nor Memorial Day Weekend.

Practices are on Saturdays. Practice times are decided upon by the Commissioner, in conjunction with the training staff and are the same time each week. Games are on Sunday afternoons (except for the 5-year old teams who do not play on Sundays). They will vary in time. Schedules for games and practice are posted in this website.

Both FutureStars groups play small-sided games on a smaller field. Coaches are expected to play each player at least half the game.  The Juniors play with six on a side (6v6); games are played in four quarters of 8 minutes each. The Senior FutureStars play (8v8); games are played in four quarters of 10 minutes each. The Upper Division plays a full 11v11, with games in the Silver Conference having 25 minute halves and the Gold Conference with 30 minute halves.  EYSA has been able to schedule Upper Division games on artificial turf surfaces.


Uniforms (shirt, shorts, and socks) are provided by the league. Players need to have their own shin guards, soccer shoes (sneakers are acceptable although not preferred). It is recommended that each player have his/her own ball (size 3 for 5 and 6 year old group, size 4 for 7 to 10-year olds; size 5 for older).

Jewelry of any kind is never allowed. Specifically, earrings may never be worn in any case or condition. This applies to games and practices. Tape over earrings is not acceptable. Having ears just pierced is not an excuse. Plastic earrings are likewise not allowed. Any referee allowing this will be suspended. Any parent allowing one’s child to wear earrings will face sanctions from the league.
Metal framed glasses are never allowed to be worn during games at any level. Plastic framed glasses with safety lenses may be worn if strapped. Sports goggles are recommended.


EYSA has a number of travel teams who play in the Westchester Youth Soccer League against teams from nearby communities. Players are selected through tryouts and begin at the under-8 age level for boys and girls. More information can be found in the Travel Program Information part of the website.