EYSA soccer exists to provide youth players with an opportunity to learn and appreciate the game of soccer. The league is designed to be all inclusive with no prior experience or knowledge of the game required because, that is the point; we will teach the game. The goal of the program is not just to win but to instill a love of and respect for the game. Teaching the values of teamwork, commitment, and sportsmanship is our highest priority.

The Code of Conduct for Parents is designed to ensure that all players have a positive and safe experience during the season. EYSA hopes to eliminate potential problems by making its expectations clear. Parents make a huge contribution to their child’s soccer experience so please, let’s work together to make it a success.

Be Positive. We encourage positive comments and cheers for specific plays during the games. Remember that if the players are trying their hardest and doing their best; they should be encouraged, regardless of the score. Don’t forget to show appreciation for great plays by the opposition.

Don’t Argue with the Referee. It is NOT acceptable for players or spectators to criticize or dispute the official UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, even if the official has obviously made a mistake.

Do not make negative comments or criticisms regarding any of the players or coaches. If you don’t have anything nice to say, please don’t say anything at all. Such comments hurt team morale, undercut the coaching staff, and can often escalate into unpleasant incidents. Never say anything to players of the opposing side unless it is genuinely congratulatory!

No Coaching from the Sidelines. Do not offer specific instructions to your child or other players from the sidelines. There are many reasons NOT to coach from the sidelines. The players hate it, it is distracting, confusing, and may directly conflict with the coach’s instructions. It also raises pressure on the players.

Be Kind to your Child’s Coach. All concerns, input about your child, and coaching comments need to be given over the phone or in some other private manner, and should never be done during a game or practice or in front of the team. Public confrontations are always bad for the team and are extremely unlikely to produce a positive result for you or your child.

Support the Team. There are many ways to enhance the experience for your child, ranging from bringing snacks, to arranging team outings. Similarly, if you have a complaint, why not offer to solve the problem?

Be a Role Model. Please be a model of good sportsmanship for your child. Be generous with your praise, and encourage them to succeed through hard work, commitment, and teamwork.

Most parents and spectators find that following the Parents Code enhances their enjoyment of their child’s games. Occasionally spectators violate the Code; most often they recognize the problem and correct it immediately. On rare occasions parents or spectators (it is your duty to ensure spectators affiliated with you or your players are aware of and abide by this code) persist in conduct which violates the Code. In such cases the following rules will apply:

1.) The parent or spectator will receive ONE warning from the coach or the coach’s designee.
2.) If the offending conduct persists; the coach will request the parent or spectator to leave the field.
3.) If the parent or spectator refuses to leave the field, the coach will remove the parent’s player from the game.
4.) If a player is removed from the game under these circumstances, the player may not play in future games without the prior written consent of the Board of EYSA and the parent may be subject to further sanctions at the discretion of the EYSA board.

Please share this with all family members …
as well as, any guest spectators attending to watch your child play.