1. Click on banner to see entire list of precautions…Players are required to wear face masks including when they are playing! 
  2. All players and spectators are required to use face coverings including to/from car and in common areas.  Coaches/Trainers/Volunteers must use face coverings at all times.  If you do not have a proper face covering, you will not be allowed to participate/attend an EYSA session.
  3. Avoid using benches and keep players’ bags separate from other bags (i.e., bags spread out at least six feet).
  4. Players should arrive ready to play in full gear (i.e., no changing/putting cleats, shinguards, socks, etc. on at field).
  5. Coaches/Trainers will spread players out during drills/practice when practical.
  6. Players should NOT share any equipment during practices. All players must bring own face coverings, soccer balls and water bottle (no sharing at all). All players encouraged to bring own hand sanitizer.
  7. As always, ONLY registered Coaches/Trainers/Managers are allowed to instruct or interact with the players.
  8. Limit spectators to only two spectators (e.g., parent or guardian) per player. All spectators must be in stands (or if no stands, the designated spectator area) and must wear face coverings/socially distance at least 6’ apart.
  9. Parents are instructed to monitor their child prior to all sessions and any player, coach, or spectator with a positive COVID-19 test or known or suspected exposure to COVID-19 or showing any COVID-19 symptoms[1] at any time in preceding 14 days should not be allowed to attend any EYSA session and must continue not to attend for at least 14 days following last symptom/exposure. In addition, parents should take children’s temperature immediately prior to any EYSA session and any person with a temperature of 100 degrees or above may not attend any EYSA session and must remain away from any EYSA session for at least 14 days from date temperature falls below 100 degrees. EYSA reserves the right in its sole discretion to exclude any player, coach or spectator that shows any COVID-19 symptoms.
  10. If any member(s) of a participant’s immediate family visit(ed) any states on the NY State travel advisory, your child(en) cannot attend an EYSA session until after the NY State required 14-day self-quarantine period.  

The form is temporarily unavailable online.  Please check with your coach OR email: eysajerry@gmail.com to be sent a form.