• Games and Practice News

    Juniors–Sunday April 28

    Time Field Team 1 Team 2
    12:00 PM AH 1 Rangers Bucks
    12:00 PM AH 2 Daffodils Roses
    1:00 PM AH 1 Violets Snapdragons
    1:00 PM AH 2 xxx xxx
    2:00 PM AH 1 Cardinals Spurs
    2:00 PM AH 2 Falcons Ravens
    3:00 PM AH1 Red Bulls Highlanders
    3:00 PM AH 2 Seahawks Chaos
    4:00 PM AH1 Sweetpeas Sunflowers
    4:00 AM AH2 Sparrows Blossoms

    Upper Division Games Sunday April 28

    11:00 AM THS Diamonds Extreme
    12:00 PM THS Breakers Wildcats
    1:00 PM THS Stingers Raptors
    2:00 PM THS Hawks Knights
    3:30 PM THS Hornets Liberty
    5:00 PM THS Blast Comets
    4:00 PM BXV Hurricanes Spirit
    5:30 PM BXV Avengers Invaders
    2:30 PM URS Cheetahs Sonic
    3:30 PM URS Courage Rockets
    5:00 PM URS Flash Rampage
    3:00 PM Haindl Mercury Roadrunners
    4:00 PM Haindl Raiders Sounders

    Game Schedules

    Rec League schedules will be posted here.  Best however to check with your coach.

    Travel team schedules can be found on:




    Recreation League Information

    Season begins Saturday March 30 and concludes Sunday June 16. Junior FutureStars Five-year old group (designation K) practices and plays Saturday afternoons at Anne Hutchinson School.  Six-year old group (L) practices on Saturday mornings and plays Sunday afternoons at Anne Hutchinson School. Contacts: Boys K: tbrady@pace.edu; Girls K: dominick21@aol.com; Boys and Girls L: jkanner109@gmail.com

    The Senior FutureStars seven and eight year old (combined M and N) group practice Saturday afternoons and play Sunday afternoons at Dunwoodie Field. Contacts: Girls: alexmayer@gmail.com; Boys: colbysmiller@gmail.com or j.p.gallipoli@us.hsbc.com

    Older players are in the Upper Division; contacts are under Volunteers

    Parents new to the League are asked to read: http://eysoccer.com/rec-program-info/


  • Club News

    EYSA Soccer League

    Registration website for all programs:  www.eastchester.siplay.com Address: P.O. Box 213         Eastchester NY 10709 Meetings of the Club, to which all parents and friends are invited, are normally held the first Tuesday of each month at 8 p.m.  Next general meeting:  Tuesday, May 7, 2019 Eastchester Town Hall Registrar: Denise Addorisio: ...

    Become a Referee

    Entry courses will be presented during the summer.  Age minimum is 14. Good money to be made. See  http://wsroref.com/becoming-a-referee/entry-courses/       

    Recreation League Registration

      [click on Recreation League banner above for complete information] Registration for the soccer year Fall 2019-Spring 2020 will open in May. EYSA will admit for the first time those turning 5 by November 30, 2014 Registration is at www.eastchester.siplay.com  Players must be RESIDENTS of Bronxville, Eastchester, Tuckahoe. For any registration...

    Team Information

    We have discontinued the section of the website showing teams and coaches list.  This information can now be found by accessing your registration account (www.eastchester.siplay.com).

    Jewelry Not Permitted

    Rule is simple: No jewelry—includes earrings—at any time: NEVER under any circumstances. Tape over earrings similarly does not permit wearing of earrings.  Metal puncture in the vicinity of the ear could result in damage to the carotid artery. Responsibility is that of the coach, the refs and the league—we will...