• Games and Practice News

    Sr FutureStars Nov. 18

    11:00 AM DW 1 Blaze Fire
    11:00 AM DW 2 Magic Quest
    12:00 PM DW 1 Supremes Eclipse
    12:00 PM DW 2 Dynamo Flames
    1:00 PM DW 1
    1:00 PM DW 2 Celtic Turbo
    2:00 PM DW 1 Piranhas Revolution
    2:00 PM DW 2 Metrostars Burn
    3:00 PM DW 1 Sharks Crew
    3:00 PM DW 2 Chargers Mustangs
    4:00 PM DW 1 Lightning Rapids
    4:00 PM DW 2 Force Quake

    Juniors Sunday Nov. 18

    10:00 AM AH1 Red Bulls Seahawks
    11:00 AM AH 1 Sunflowers Blossoms
    11:00 AM AH 2 Roses Snapdragons
    12:00 PM AH 1 Sparrows Sweetpeas
    12:00 PM AH 2 Violets Daffoldil
    1:00 PM AH 1 Chaos Highlanders
    1:00 PM AH 2 Bucks Rangers
    2:00 PM AH1 Ravens Spurs
    2:00 PM AH 2 Cardinals Falcons

    PDP and EYSA Plus Programs extended

    We are pleased to announce that PDP and EYSA + will go for another week.
    PDP will continue through Friday, November 16 (with this coming Friday included).
    EYSA + will hold the additional session this coming Monday, November 12.
    Starting times are 4 p.m.

    Game Schedules

    Rec League schedules will be posted here starting with the September 15 weekend.  Best however to check with your coach.

    Travel team schedules can be found on:




    Challenger Program

    The EYSA Challenger Program is a new program designed to enable boys and girls with all different needs to enjoy the game of soccer in a fun and supported environment. The EYSA Challenger Program will be run by professional trainers and participating Challenger players will be paired with a Challenger buddy (which can be either family members, close friends or volunteers from the EYSA Program). Buddies help Challenger players as much or as little as needed by the individual player, while making sure they have fun while learning and playing the game of soccer. The EYSA Challenger Program will be held on Saturdays at 3:30 to 4:30 from September 15 to November 17 at Anne Hutchinson School in Eastchester. Registration is open to all boys and girls ages 5-18 with physical or mental needs. Cost is $125 per player. Go to https://eastchester.siplay.com to register.  Please spread the word.  Any questions please contact Jay Kanner – jkanner109@gmail.com

  • Club News

    Officer Elections

    President: Mark Redman;  Vice-President: Peter Gennuso; Treasurer: Robert Melnyk; Secretary: Jay Kanner; Sergeant-At-Arms: Liam Deegan We thank outgoing President Bill West for his excellent leadership; he joins the Board. Also joining the Board are Gina Coschignano and Janaka Withana.

    Become a Referee

    Entry courses have been announced for this winter.  Age minimum is 14. See  http://wsroref.com/becoming-a-referee/entry-courses/       

    Recreation League Registration

      [click on Recreation League banner above for complete information] Certain age groups are “currently closed” and on a Wait List basis: Boys and Girls: 6 year olds; Boys: 7 &8 year olds; Boys: 12-14 year olds. If an age group is “closed,” please register for the Wait List. Any...

    Team Information

    We have discontinued the section of the website showing teams and coaches list.  This information can now be found by accessing your registration account (www.eastchester.siplay.com).

    2017-2018 Honorees

    [click on red banner to read further]  Hall of Fame: Gil Aliberto.  Persons of the year : Guilio Faustini, Sally Veltidi.  Volunteers of the year: Jay Kanner and Sean Doherty.  Coaches of the year:  Junior FutureStars: Eric LaMons, Dominick Bulfamante. Senior FutureStars: Alex Mayer. Upper Division: Bill Tillinghast and George...