• Games and Practice News

    Upper Division Games Sunday Ot. 15

    Game Start Time Place Team 1 Team 2
    9:00 AM EHS Courage Wildcats
    10:00AM EHS Diamonds Extreme
    3:15 PM EHS Sonic Rockets
    4:15 PM EHS Flash Stingers
    12:00 PM BHS Hawks Knights
    1:30 PM BHS Comets Mercury
    2:30 PM BHS Cheetahs Breakers
    5:30 PM HDL Avengers Invaders
    1:00 PM THS Blast Roadrunners
    2:00 PM THS Raiders Raptors
    3:00 PM THS Sounders Rampage
    3:00 PM URS Hurricanes Spirit
    4:30 PM URS Hornets Liberty

    Jr FutureStars Games October 15

    Date Time Venue Teams
    10/15/17 12:00 PM AH 1 Seahawks
    10/15/17 12:00 PM AH 2 Red Bulls
    10/15/17 1:00 PM AH 1 Ravens
    10/15/17 1:00 PM AH 2 Spurs
    10/15/17 2:00 PM AH 1 Rangers
    10/15/17 2:00 PM AH 2 Sparrows
    10/15/17 3:00 PM AH 1 Blossoms
    10/15/17 3:00 PM AH 2 Roses

    Sr FutureStars Games October 15

    11:00 AM DW 1 Lightning Quake
    11:00 AM DW 2 Sharks Celtic
    12:00 PM DW 1 Force Burn
    12:00 PM DW 2 Chargers Turbo
    1:00 PM DW 1 Crew Metrostars
    1:00 PM DW 2 Blaze Revolution
    2:00 PM DW 1 Supremes Magic
    2:00 PM DW 2 Rapids Mustangs
    3:00 PM DW 1 Flames Dynamo
    3:00 PM DW 2 Fire Quest
    4:00 PM DW 1 Piranhas Eclipse

    EYSA Contact Information

    Registration website for all programs:  www.eastchester.siplay.com

    Address: P.O. Box 213         Eastchester NY 10709
    Meetings of the Club, to which all parents and friends are invited, are normally held the first Tuesday of each month at 8 p.m.

    Next meetings:  Tuesday November 7  8 pm at the Haindl Field Clubhouse       Tuesday December 5   8 pm at Eastchester Town Hall Community Room

    Registrar: Denise Addorisio:  dja109@aol.com

    Recreation League

    Junior FutureStars Five-year old group (designation K) practices and plays Saturday afternoons at Anne Hutchinson School.  Six-year old group (L) practices on Saturday mornings and plays Sunday afternoons at Anne Hutchinson School. Contact: jkanner109@gmail.com

    The Senior FutureStars seven and eight year old (combined M and N) group practice Saturday afternoons and play Sunday afternoons at Dunwoodie Field. Contact: tbrady@pace.edu (BOYS), alexmayer@gmail.com (GIRLS)

    Older players are in the Upper Division

    Parents new to the League are asked to read: http://eysoccer.com/rec-program-info/

  • Club News

    ACL Injury Prevention Workshop

    You are invited to an important workshop—preventing ACL injuries. It is being given in Long island by our partners, the Hospital for Special Surgery on Tuesday, December 5.   Please see the flier sent, for details.  

    Modell’s Discount Coupon

    Modell’s is offering a 15% discount on most merchandise, not just soccer gear, through mid-October. EYSA BTS TW 17 Coupon Download or print.

    Rec League Registration

    Recreation registration for Fall 2017 and Spring 2018: [click on banner to read full notice] Age range: Born from December 1, 2002 through November 30, 2012. Fee for the entire year (fall – spring) is $235 per child with a sibling discount of $20. Only residents of Eastchester, Bronxville and...

    Refund Policy

    TRAVEL TEAMS: Any time prior to the first game of the season being played, you will be responsible for 50% of the total fee. Any time following the playing of the first game of the season but prior to the second game of the season being played, you will be...

    Eastchester Youth Soccer’s 40th Birthday

    The league was founded in 1976 by Carmine Pisacreta and began operations in 1977, 40 years ago  His vision has helped over 11,000 children play soccer here in Eastchester / Bronxville / Tuckahoe.  Be sure to read about our beginnings at http://eysoccer.com/history/  Thank you Carmine and those who helped to...