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    Modell’s Discount Coupon

    Once again, Modell’s is offering our league 15% discounts on most merchandise… not just soccer gear.
    Simply bring the coupon when you buy your cleats, shin guards, soccer balls, outerwear—
    Modell’s also makes a contribution to our league.

    Stores are located on Central Ave, Tarrytown Road in Greenburgh, New Roc City and Pelham Manor.

    The coupon, which may be reused, is good through September 27th.

    Click here for Coupon

    Registration for Fall ’15 and Spring ’16

    Recreation League Soccer Fall ’15 and Spring ’16
    Fee covers Fall 2015 and Spring 2016

    Player MUST be born before December 1, 2010
    Must be residents of Bronxville, Eastchester, Tuckahoe.

    Register online at: www.sportssignup.com/eastchester.start
    Season starts Saturday, September 12.
    Coaches’ Meeting Wednesday September 16 place to be announced
    EYSA General Meeting Tuesday September 8.

    EYSA Yearly Elections

    EYSA has had its yearly elections recently.
    The following people have stepped up and have unanimously been elected to the following positions.

    President: Bill West
    Vice President: Mark Redman
    Treasurer: Tom Torre
    Secretary: Gil Aliberto
    Sargent of Arms: Liam Deagan
    Board of Directors: Giulio Faustini, Jay Kanner, Mike Saverese, Peter Gennuso, Osvaldo Martinez, Sean Doherty, Jan Wortel, Dan, Ladas, Dino Leva, Carmine Pisacreta
    Senior Board Member Elected: Carlos Leal

    Dino Leva, our former President has accomplished many improvements to our club during his 5 years as president. To name a few: player evaluations, balanced teams, field utilization, travel soccer team professional trainers & coaches, player development programs and professional soccer trainers to teach our kids soccer skills that most of us moms and dads can not do. Dino’s mantra has been to put the needs of the children before that of the adults. His time and efforts has helped our kids learn while having fun. The enhancements to the program has increased player enrollment from 1000 kids to 1500+ currently. Well done Dino. On behalf of the 1600 + kids, THANK YOU…THANK YOU…THANK YOU…

    Bill West our new President has had a major part in the above successes. With his “it’s all about the kids” mentality, we are in great hands.

    Why volunteer?
    Each weekend 1600+ kids get to play this beautiful game of soccer due to the efforts of EYSA volunteers.
    You will be spending priceless Quality Time with your kids. Just ask Dino Leva…Before you know it, they will be off to college.
    EYSA is made up of some incredible people. Getting involved will lead to new friendships.
    EYSA is made up of some amazing kids. Seeing these kids around town always puts a smile on faces.
    The song….And the cats in the cradle…and the silver moon…
    Tremendous pay: We get paid in kids SMILES. Watch happy kids enter and leave the fields and know that you had a part in making it all possible.

    Address: P.O. Box 213 Eastchester NY 10709
    Phone: 914.472.3196 se habla español on parle français

    Meetings of the Club, to which all parents and friends are invited, are held the first Tuesday of each month at 8 p.m. HOWEVER–this month’s meeting is on the second Tuesday–Upcoming meeting is August 11 at Eastchester Town Hall Community Room.

    Referee Courses: see www.wsroref.com